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E-book Forgiveness, Healing of the Soul


Are you feeling negative?

Are you wanting to release remorse on others?

Are you seeking more positivity in your life?


In Forgiveness, Healing of the Soul, Editor and contributing Author Alicia Ann Wade shows forgiveness is the key to opening your heart to love and joy. Without it, you’ll be stuck forever in darkness. She teaches you different ways to forgive others and watch your reality change.


Based on her own healing and personal studies, Wade seeks to help others overcome trauma and the negative impacts on people’s lives. She shares the experiences of twenty-three people who tell their vulnerable stories and reveal how forgiveness set them free. 

I am one of the twenty-three author that have contributed in Forgiveness, Healing of the Soul. A vulnerable story have I reveiled in this book in the hope that more people will open up and share their stories in order to Forgive and finally can heal their body and live their life in Happiness.

Some stories will shock you, some will test your beliefs, and some will allow you to realize the power of forgiveness.




  • For those who want peace from their past traumas and wounds.
  • For those seeking inner peace and harmony
  • For those seeking to heal their soul further
  • Feeling disconnected to your life’s purpose as there is obstacles in your way stopping you
  • Feeling depressed and anxious with past hurts and you have no control
  • Feelings of despair and lost on what to do with your emotions and how to process everything in your life.

E-book Forgiveness, Healing of the Soul

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