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Holistic Well-being Coach

We provide the roadmap towards
Inner peace & Happiness

"Because you Matter"

Life coaching | Yoga | Breathwork | Mindfullness | Concentration | Meditation | Gratitude | Affirmation | Forgiveness | Community


* Stuck in an area of your life or business...

* Low in energy...

* Disconnected from yourself or the people around you...

* Out of life balance...

* Low self Esteeme... 

* Low self Confidence...

* You or your organisation is out of "Flow"...

* Being the "inbetween" story of your life...

Live happily ever after...

"All over the world people struggle through life... Every day we DO more, BE more to HAVE more... 

This leads to an endless cycle of exhaustion and an unfulfilled life.


How we can help

Through personal support and proven frameworks we are here to empower induviduals & organisations to reconnect with their

inner peace to

Live happily ever after..."



1 on 1 coaching is there for anyone who would like to have an even more personal assistance on their tranformational journey. Together we are working our way towards your visioned future. Via online calls we will support you as well as keep you accountable in the goals and promises you have set for yourself. 

Holding Books


We have created multiple books, journals as well as workbooks that can help you on your journey towards Inner Peace & Happiness. 

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On the background we are creating online courses that can help you on your transformational journey  that will lead to reconnecting with your true self to experience Inner Peace & Happiness.


Hi there!


Born and raised in a little village in the Netherlands.
I grew up in a very ‘normal’ environment and had a good childhood. 
Even by having a pretty complete life in form of family, friends, fulltime job and a nice apartment I still did not felt truly fulfilled in my life.

"A deep inner knowing,

knew that there was more to life."


I was always ‘searching’…
Searching for more...


After traveling through Australia & New Zealand I knew it.
The Netherlands is not the country and place where I want to create a life for myself.

I bravely decided to follow that whisper inside me.

I stepped completely out of my comfort zone. 

Waved goodbye all my loved ones, not knowing when we would be reunited again...

And with only one suitcase and one bag I returned to Australia to start my journey...

And to start a new life from scratch...

“A journey towards dreams can take a whole life and as soon as you start live towards your dream challenges will appear.”

Healing of the Soul


Together with 24 Co Authors Forgiveness, Healing of the Soul has been born.

Some stories will shock you, some will test your beliefs, and some will allow you to realize the power of forgiveness.

In Forgiveness, Healing of the Soul, I share my vulnerable story from when I was a 5 year old girl. I have reveiled my story in the hope that more people will open up and share their stories in order to Forgive so we can finally heal our mind & body and live our life in Happiness. 

Because in order to live our life in Happiness... We have to Forgive...


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Sometimes it is just a small block that is holding us back. In the first session we were able to find that block and remove it. With a bit of direction and coaching from Pleunie, and trust in yourself you will find that you too can set and achieve your goals. 

My advice to others: If you are willing to do the work for yourself and are ready to make a few changes, take the opportunity to do some life coaching with Pleunie. Together with her help you can stop procrastinating, set goals and find that you are able to achieve them.


Thank you for shining your light, serving with your whole heart, for being someone I could Trust.

You’ve given me a whole lot of clarity. You hold a beautiful space. Your reflections, your affirmations, your understanding, your listening is wonderful.


Thank you.


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Working with Pleunie was a great experience, from the very start of our session she made me feel extremely safe and validated. Pleunie guided me through emotional baggage that I was unable to resolve myself – through allowing me to be complete comfortable with speaking and wording how I had been feeling, emotions that had been suppressed within me for so long were able to come to the service. We then worked on a technique called anchoring – I was able to tap into moments were I felt extremely powerful and anchor those emotions within me, and know that at anytime I am able to tap back into that and feel what I felt. After our session I felt lighter and more content and that I had the tools needed to move forwards.



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